Press Release of Governor


Though it falls on Sunday this year there were huge turnout at the celebration of the 71st anniversary of India's Republic Day throughout the length and breadth of Mizoram in joining the nationwide celebration.

The Republic Day celebration at the capital commenced with the Hon'ble Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai unfurling the National Flag at AR Ground at 7:00 AM. After inspecting the 30 parade contingents and acknowledging the marching contingents who salute the National Flag, he delivered the Republic Day speech.

After extending his greetings to the people of Mizoram, the Governor began his Republic Day Address by paying homage to the Freedom Fighters who, through ultimate sacrifice gave us independence and created our republic. He had also invited the audience to acknowledge it with indebtedness, the fact that founding fathers of the nation created the Constitution not just for providing basic tenets for building a new nation, but as a scripture for social transformation.

On this historic occasion, the Governor's core message was unity is the need of the hour which is more important than anything else. He pointed out that 'Bharat that is India" (as written in the constitution) has been and will always be a place where there are unity and tolerance for all kinds of religions. And he had appealed to all the citizens to strive harder for excellence and give concerted efforts for integrated development within the country and within the state.

He had expressed his great satisfaction for all the achievements in all the vital sectors the Government of Mizoram had made after having completed just one year. And went further to congratulate the people of the state that the Government has taken up rather a large number of initiatives on various fronts and laid a strong foundation on which it can help build a strong and self-reliant Mizoram. On this success story, the Governor paid credit to Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga who he said had been working tirelessly from day one. And congratulated the people of Mizoram for being fortunate to have a tall leader and well connected like the Current Chief Minister. Governor had also assured that his government under able leadership has well-taken care the interest of the state and her people.

On the economic front, he had quoted, "Our state has been witnessing remarkable economic growth in recent years. Last year our economic growth rate was 14.82% which is one of the best among the states in the country and it is likely to be similar this year as well. In fact, during the period 2012-18, Mizoram had the highest average growth rate of 12.75% in the country and we have never witnessed such consistently high growth rates in the past. I am confident that if we maintain this momentum of growth for the next ten years, then it will be possible for us to eradicate poverty, ensure all-round development, be self-sufficient and bring equity in all aspects of societal life. This is not a dream but something that is possible and can be achieved in our times. It is the result of our combined hard work that Mizoram today has made its mark in the country and we should feel proud about it".

Further, he had pointed out that Our growth is critically dependent on various sectors which are already incorporated under our flagship programme ‘Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP)’. On the readiness of implementing the State's Flagship Programme, the Governor said, "SEDP aims at accelerating progress in these key sectors and transforming Mizoram into a welfare state. For successful implementation of SEDP, fourteen Boards comprising of Ministers, MLAs, experts and officials have been created, and 25 Departments mandated to implement SEDP are distributed under these Boards for supervision and monitoring of the implementation of SEDP projects. Two bamboo species namely Dendrocalamus latiflorus and Dendrocalamus brandisii will be taken up as Area Expansion Scheme in cluster mode under National Bamboo Mission". The Governor also pointed out that the development initiatives with the autonomous districts, areas are considered vital for the overall development of the State. He said that a number of new developmental initiatives in these areas touching each of these District Councils are being taken up.

The Governor had also thought that the people of Mizoram should take special pride in having settled particular issues that the government had been trying to solve for so long - Sinlung Hills Council and Bru Issues. And also having successfully organized the largest sporting bonanza in the state's history. He had expressed his happiness at the quadripartite agreement recently signed between the Centre, State governments of Mizoram and Tripura, and the Bru – Reang representatives to peacefully conclude the 22-year long Bru-Reang imbroglio. And also acknowledged the efforts rendered by the NGOs, churches, general public and my government in this respect. "It was the state government commitment towards honouring peace accord signed with the erstwhile Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic) on the 2nd of April last year that ultimately proved decisive for the successful conduct of the first Sinlung Hills Council election last year", he reckoned. And also assured that his Government will take massive efforts to usher in a new era of growth and development in the area. He believed that Mizoram is moving on the right track for the promotion of Sports. And that the successfully organized Mizoram State Games during last year was a huge stepping stone for sports development in our state. He had also assured the youth that the government is very keen on providing more sports infrastructure and equipment.

The Governor also announced the government's commitment to providing excellent primary health care to improve the health of its citizens especially those of young mothers and children in rural areas. He was delighted to relate the successful launch of improved Mizoram State Health Care Scheme which aims to provide health insurance to beneficiaries especially economically backward classes. And he had also invited all the stakeholders to make the best use of this scheme. He had also expressed his concern for the unwanted proliferation of infectious disease like AIDS/HIV. On this issue, he had clearly stated that the efforts of the government alone is not enough. Therefore, he had appealed the continued support and cooperation of the church, NGOs and Voluntary Organisations to combat this menace.

During his official address to the state today, the Governor has touched almost all the subjects and all the areas for the welfare of citizens. He had highlighted the potentials in some sectors, reiterate the initiatives of his government and highlighted various milestones that are being achieved.

In the concluding part of his address to the people of Mizoram, the Governor expressed his deep gratitude to all those in service under the State Government and the Central Government and other organizations, who are working in the State for their dedicated and selfless service. He had also commend the public representatives, our village and local council representatives, the church body, NGOs, youths, students, friends from the media and all the people of Mizoram for their respective roles in promoting integrated development in the State. He congratulated all the exemplary individuals who have been honoured with State Medals today in recognition of the meritorious services put in by them in the discharge of their duties. He had invited the rededication of all the citizens of Mizoram to remain loyal to the Constitution of India and to be proud of being the citizens of a great nation with a remarkable past and a glorious future. He concluded by saying, "This country belongs to all of us – every group and community, every religion and every identity. On this auspicious day, let us resolve to preserve and strengthen the unity and the integrity of this great country, and to work concertedly towards making Mizoram a place where all can live with dignity, peace, prosperity and happiness".

The Republic Day celebration today was adorned with Ceremonial Parades that includes the participation of 30 Contigents - 8 Armed Contingents, 4 unarmed contingents, 14 School Contingents and 4 band parties. Parade Commander was Pu C.S. Lalrinzuala, Assistant Commandant 5th IR Battalion, 2nd Commander was Pu C. Lalmalsawma , Deputy SP CID(Crime)

This year, PRESIDENT'S POLICE MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE which was awarded last year were given to 2 officers, the POLICE MEDAL FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE Awarded during last year were also given to 2 officers and the Governor’s Gold Medal was awarded to two officers and one policeman. The recipients of the decorated medal had received the award from the Governor. PRESIDENT'S POLICE MEDAL FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE for this year will be awarded later to Pu LR Dingliana Sailo, IPS, SP, CID(Crime) and POLICE MEDAL FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE for this year will also be awarded to Pu Laldawngliana, MPS, Director, F&ES, Pu Lalthafamkima Jongte, MPS, Commandant, 1st IR BN and Pu Lalmanliana, SI(UB). The list is shown below.


1. Pu R.A. Sanjeev, IPS, DIG(Training)
2. Pu Malsawma Royte, Dy. SP, CID (SB)


1. Pu Neihchungnunga, IPS, DIG (CID)
2. Pi Lalmuanthangi, Inspector (M) Police Headquarters

List of Governor’s Medal

1)Sub Inspector (UB)Zirthanga Pachuau, CID, Gold Medal
2)Sub Inspector (UB)R. Lalhmingliani, Lunglei, DEF, Silver Medal
3.) Constable (C/17013) Laldinpuia, Aizawl, DSB, Silver Medal

The Governor also gave away prizes to the winners of the winning contingents from different categories. Among the armed contingents 46th AR, 1 Mizo Air Squadron NCC Armed and Mizoram Home Guards came First, second and third. Pachhunga University College NCC, Ex-Servicemen contingent and 1 Mizo Air Squadron NCC unarmed were the first, second and third in unarmed category. Among School Contingents Govt Mamawii H/S, Oxford HSS and Springfield HSS were the first, second and third winners.

Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, PRO to Governor      Dated: 26th Jan 2020