Visitors Comments

DATE VISITOR’S NAME & ADDRESS                                           

18.08.1992                               Shri S. R. Barman, Chief Minister, Tripura
I am very happy to have come here and to meet the nice people of this beautiful state

28.12.1992 Shri A.S. Anand &  Family Judge, Supreme Court of India, N. Delhi        

Had a most memorable holiday, we were very comfortable. Thank you.
21.05.1993 Shri Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister of India, New Delhi

A most pleasant and enjoyable stay at the graceful Raj Bhavan
12.11.1993 Shri Hiteshwar Saikia

I felt quite at home at this Raj Bhavan

25.11.1993 Smt. Margaret Alva, MOS, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Thank you for a comfortable stay – the service was superb
21.01.1994 Shri S.B. Charan Minister for Home Affairs Govt. of India, N. Delhi

I was very happy to visit Aizawl and stay in Raj Bhavan. I should express my appreciation for the upkeep of Raj Bhavan. The Bearers and other employees gave excellent service.
05.03.1994 Air Marshal Dushyant Singh Eastern Air Command, Shillong      

It was a privilege & a pleasure to have stayed here. Many thanks for the most comfortable stay & the staff deserves lot compliments.
26.06.1994 Shri Manmohan Singh Minister of Finance Govt. of India, N. Delhi

I greatly enjoyed my stay at this graceful Raj Bhavan
11.12.1994 Shri Mukhul Wasnik Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, N. Delhi

My stay has been very comfortable and I enjoyed meeting the people here. Visit to Aizawl and my stay at the Raj Bhavan would be my cherished memories.
23.01.1995 Air Marshal Dushyant Singh  Eastern Air Command, Shillong It is always a privilege & pleasure to be here with such warm hospitality extended to us. It was impossible for me to leave for Shillong without bidding farewell to His Excellency and the honourable C.M. Beautiful land of beautiful people. Wishing people of Mizoram, all peace, prosperity & happiness. May God be always with you. Farewell
18.05.1995 Shri Deb Mukharji Indian High Commissioner, Dhaka

A most pleasant stay with gracious hospitality. The staff were most efficient and attentive. One leaves with a sense of deep gratitude to His Excellency the Governor.
28.01.1996 Air Vice Marshal M.S. Dhillon, SOA EAC, IAF

Hospitality too good. The staff made all its efforts to make our stay comfortable. Thank you.
22.05.1997 Shri I.K. Gujral

Thanks ! It has been a delightful stay.
03.05.1998 Shri George Fernandes

Thank you for the care and hospitality.
15.10.1998 Smt. Sonia Gandhi

This time I hardly spent time in the Raj Bhavan. However, I was extremely comfortable and well looked after. I stayed here in 1986 with my husband, therefore this home holds many happy memories for me.

06.11.1998 Shri J.M. Lyngdoh Election Commissioner of India

A very pleasant stay with lots of kindness & hospitality.
01.11.1999 Shri Kalpa Ranjan Chakma Minister, Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

I express my heartfelt thanks to His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram for extending his all courtesies to make my stay very comfortable in Raj Bhavan. The staff members of Raj Bhavan were very decent and dutiful. I wish prosperity for the people of Mizoram.
29.12.2000 Smt. Sushma Swaraj J&B Minister, Govt. of India After a gap of seven years, I visited Mizoram and stayed at Raj Bhavan, Aizawl in a different capacity. The way the staff looked after me, the warmth with which they received me made this visit of mine not only comfortable but also a nostalgic one.

15.03.2001 Shri B.B. Tandon Election Commissioner of India N. Delhi Excellent arrangements were made for my stay here. Really enjoyed my stay, memories of which will always be cherished by me.

10.11.2002 Shri George Fernandes Minister of Defence Came here yesterday after a long time. I was nice meeting old and new
friends. Thanks for the care and hospitality.

24.09.2005 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

26.02.2006 Veena Sikri High Commissioner of India to Bangladesh The charm, beauty and gracious hospitality of Mizoram has been a memorable, indeed an unforgettable experience. My deep gratitude ans special thanks to the Hon’ble Gover, H.E. Mr. A.R. Kohli and Mrs Kohli for their friendship and goodwill. I particularly value our discussions and exchange of views. The elegance and efficiency of Raj Bhavan are worthy of the highest praise.

12.10.2006 APJ Abdul Kalam

19.05.2007 Shri K. Sankaranarayanan Governor of Nagaland

Stay in the Bamboo Suite was very comfortable and I enjoyed the scenic beauty of Aizawl. Very pleasant stay. The behaviour of the staff is very good.

19.05.2007 Dr. S.S. Sidhu Governor of Manipur Extremely comfortable and pleasant stay. The staff has been attentive, smart and excellent. Thanks for generous hospitality.

03.11.2007 Shri Hamid Ansari Hon’ble Vice President of India A short but very comfortable stay at the Raj Bhavan in a place that is surely a reflection of paradise on earth. The warmth of the welcome and of the hospitality was overwhelming.

05.02.2008 Shri R.Velu Minister of State for Railways Rail Bhavan, New Delhi

This is my first visit to this dreamland. My wife and I enjoyed the hospitality and warmth of His Excellency, the Governor and the staff. With best wishes.
28.8.2008 Shri Vayalar Ravi Everything is fine. Employees are very good. Thanks for everything.

25.09.2009 Justice D.P. Wadhwa Former Judge, Supreme Court of India Chairman, Control Vigilance Committee on Public Distribution System

It has been a pleasant stay here. Good food, service polite and efficient. It is like home away from home. Thanks.
11.02.2010 Shri Vinod Rai Comptroller Auditor of India, N. Delhi

A very comfortable and enjoyable stay. The staff is courteous and the facilities well maintained. My gratitude for the hospitality.
27.03.2010 Dr. H.T. Sangliana Vice Chairperson, National Commission for Minorities, GOI Excellent hospitality and devoted care taken by the Attendants, the exemplary upkeep and maintenance of the Bamboo Room will linger in my memory for many years to come. Even if the Bhavan has to be renovated or even if re-construction were to take place, one of the rooms may be replicated after this Bamboo Room. My gratitude to Gen. Lakhera, His Excellency the Governor of Mizoram for his welcome and friendship extended to me. May God bless him. With thankful heart.

16.06.2010 Justice Altamas Kabir Supreme Court of India, N. Delhi

The arrangements were excellent and the staff made our stay both comfortable and enjoyable. Our thanks to His Excellency, the Governor of Mizoram for the courtesies extended to us.
22.07.2010 Shri Sachin Pilot A unique and pretty suite, wonderful service by the staff. But the outside view is the best part of Raj Bhavan.

15.02.2011 Shri Rahul Gandhi Thank you for a nice stay.

30.04.2011 Shri Sharad Pawar Minister, Agriculture & Food Processing, GOI

This is my first visit. Really excellent stay. Excellent hospitality and food. The location of Raj Bhavan & view is magnificient.
06.06.2011 Dr. H.T. Sangliana Vice Chairperson, NCM Govt. of India A restful abode, a paradise for a Delhi visitor. I enjoyed excellent hospitality of the Govt. and I wish the Governor Gen. Lakhera a shining cloud to hang over him on the last day of his stay here and wish him good health and all the best after he left Mizoram on my own behalf and on behalf of the people of Mizoram.

11.01.2012 Mr. P.S. Ghatowar Minister DONER, GOI

Comfortable and pleasant stay. I enjoyed my stay, food and warm hospitality.
04.04.2012 Shri P. Chidambaram Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI

I enjoyed my night stay at the Raj Bhavan and I am grateful for the gracious hospitality.
24.04.2012 & 25.04.2012 Shri Ranjan Mathai Foreign Secretary Ministry of External Affairs, N. Delhi

I was honoured to be a guest at the Raj Bhavan. I deeply appreciate the hospitality extended to me and the good quality of the service. With many thanks.
29.05.2012 Satyananda Mishra Chief Information Commissioner Central Information Commission

My wife and I had a very pleasant stay in the Raj Bhavan. Our first time in Mizoram, we thoroughly enjoyed the stark beauty of the place. The Raj Bhavan staff were very warm and efficient. Thanks for everything.
18.05.2012 T.K.A. Nair Advisor to Prime Minister, N.Delhi My colleagues and I greatly appreciate the warm hospitality extended to us and thank H.E. the Governor and his gracious wife for their gesture. Shri Kalyan Nath looked after me with efficiency and politeness and I thank him too.

11.09.2012 Shri Mukul Wasnik Union Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment

Stay here would be etched on my memory for a very long time. It has been wonderful. The care
taken by the staff has been superb.

05.10.2012 Shri K.C. Venugopal
MoS, Power
Govt. of India
I had an ethnic experience of stay here in Mizoram Raj Bhavan. It has been a wonderful experience. The service feels excellent.

12.06.2013 Sir James I am delighted to making my first visit to this beautiful State. I hope to return again soon.

06.10.2013 Shri J.B. Patnaik
Governor of Assam
It is a pleasant place. There was good cultural programme last evening. Wonderful hospitality thanks to the Governor and Mrs. Purushothaman.

25.10.2013 Mr. K.V. Thomas
Director of Treasures (Rtd)
Kerela, Trivandrum
Excellent climate and atmosphere. I am most  grateful to H.E the Governor for giving me the opportunity to be his guest and stay here.

13.01.2015 Mr. Daniel Wolven
Embassy of Sweden.

14.01.2015 Mr. Rainer Schmiedelen
Constitute General
Germany in Kolkata

All the best for the new Governor and for Mizoram.

12.02.2015 Dr. Krishen Mehra
Prof. Emeritus (Mathematics)
University of Alberta, Canada
Best wishes and many thanks to Dr. A. Quereshi Sahil for his generous hospitality & benefit for his company his views and his wisdom.

12.02.2015 Dr. Syeda S. Hameed
Former Member Planning
Commission of India

This is my third visit, it gets better every time. The beauty and humanity of his place is exemplary.  The Governor is an outstanding human being  deeply concerned and connected with people of the State. Raj Bhavan staff is courteous and efficient.

09.04.2015 Shri Pranab Mukherjee I am fascinated with the beauty, tranquility and peaceful atmosphere. I enjoyed my first visit to the  State and stay at Raj Bhavan. I am grateful for the  gracious hospitality.

03.07.2015 Dr. S.K. Panoa
Ministry of Textile

Today, I had the rare privilege of accompanying Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Hon’ble Minister i/c  Textile calling on His Excellency the Governor of  Mizoram. H.E. gave an overview of the State and  Hon’ble Minister indicated the steps initiated by Ministry of Textiles in Mizoram for making the Development participative and inclusive 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’. Our sincere regards to His  Excellency and thanks to others.

NA Maj. Gen. Kuldip Singh (Retd) CEO, Security Sector
Skill Development Council
New Delhi

An excellent meeting with H.E. Governor of Mizoram. It was indeed very heartening to hear the Governor expressing his concerns and ideas for developing the skills of the youth of the State. My sincere gratitude to him.

NA Brig. P.K. Sanyal (Retd)
Regional Head East Zone

Meeting the GOC-in-C 15 Corps after a long time.
NA Col. U S Rathore
Security Sector
Skill Development Council

Thank you for your hospitality.
09.10.2015 Bandaru Dattaatraya
MoS(ic) L&E 19 Safdarjung Road New Delhi

My first visit to this place is unique one, very peace loving atmosphere, natural beauty impressed me. Meeting the Governor exchanging very useful development about labour and other national issues were very encouraging. Memorable one, Governor's frank thoughtful things were very much impressed.

14.10.2015 Raghuram Rajan
RBI, Mumbai

It is a great pleasure visiting Aizawl. I am sure my colleagues and I will benefit greatly from this visit, and I hope we can help advance the economy in this State. I thank you for your generous willingness  to spend time with us.

08.11.2015 Lt. Gen. HJS Sachdev
It is an absolute privilege and honour to be hosted at Raj Bhawan ! Thank you very much Sir for the warmth and hospitality. Remembrance forever !

09.11.2015 His Grace Archbishop
Salvatore Pennacchio
New Delhi, India

It was a very nice evening with H.E. the Governor invoking upon him, our member of family, our staff of H.E. Office the abundance of heavenly blessings.

14.11.2015 Lt. Gen. Bipin Rawat
GOC, 3 Corps

An honour to have visited the Raj Bhawan and given the opportunity of interaction with the Hon’ble Governor, who has always been a thorough  professional. The First Lady has been a gracious host. Thank you for the hospitality. Jai hind.

20.11.2015 Hon’ble Mr Justice Ravindra Bhatt, Judge, Delhi High Court

Beautifully maintained structure. Great blend of traditional and modern.

20.11.2015 Hon’ble Mrs Justice Rashan Delvi
Former Judge Mumbai High Court, Mumbai

As magnificent as was expected upon being read about. A place worth remembering forever.

27.11.2015 Lt. Gen. Abhay Krishna
HQ 3 Corps

Feel privileged and honored to be here.
20.12.2015 Brig. B.S. Gill, Veteran
608/36-B, Chandigarh

An honour to be here …… Raj Bhawan, Aizawl. Wonderful hospitality… Nostalgic…Grateful thanks to Lt. Gen & Mrs. Nirbhay Sharma.

29.12.2015 Maj. Gen. Vivek Sehgal
Comdt., LIJW School

An honour to be at the Raj Bhawan. Thanks a lot for a very very warm and pleasant evening.

09.01.2016 Prakash Javadekar
Govt. of India

Governor house is best as Governor himself.
28.01.2016 Brigadier I.M. Lamba
DDG Recruiting (NE State)

An honour to meet his Excellency and share/take his views on recruitment and says and means to have better intake from the state of Mizoram. An extremely fruitful and satisfying meeting which I shall always nurture.

28.01.2016 Colonel Sameer Sharma
Director Recruiting

An honour to meet the Governor regarding recruiting issues of the state.

17.02.2016 K.N. Das
Former Chief Executive
Ministry of Defense, DRDO
New Delhi

It was a courtesy call but it encourages me to see how H.E. the Governor is concerned with development of Mizoram.

17.02.2016 Ram Muiwah, IAS
North Eastern Council

Had an audience with His Excellency Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma, PVSM, Governor of Mizoram. He was very gracious to me and my wife Esther. The First Lady also joined and she was very kind.

19.02.2016 Naveen Varma
Ministry of DoNER
Govt. of India

Was honoured and privileged to have a detailed discussion and exchange of views on various topics with H.E. Governor of Mizoram. I was touched by the fact that H.E. took the trouble to inquire about our background, family details not only mine but also both the joint ventures in the Ministry. His concern for the welfare and development of not only the state of Mizoram but the entire N.E. region has left a deep impact and we will have to take further action to implement them.

19.2.2016 Lt. Gen. Praveen Bakshi
Eastern Army

An honour for us to be hosted by His Excellency and the Lady and relive times of which we share a common bond. Thank you very much.

20.2.2016 AVM O.P. Tiwari

An honour to spend memorable moments with His Excellency.

13.3.2016 Arti Singh
Chief Justice
Gauhati High Court

His Excellency is a fine gentleman and very hospitable. Learnt a lot from him.

13.3.2016 Michael Zothankhuma
Judge, Gauhati High Court

Was a pleasure to meet a distinguished person and a gentleman.

28.3.2016 Lt. Gen. Venky Patil
#112/1 Sahawas
Koregaun Park, Pune

Delighted to be with His Excellency, the First Lady of Mizoram. Thanks a lot for affectionate hospitality and a memorable evening.

28.3.2016 Lt. Gen. (Dr) D.B. Shekatkar
#112/1 Sahawas
Koregaun Park, Pune

Honoured to be at Raj Bhavan. An excellent environment and honoured place. Grateful thanks.

8.4.2016 Ronald Sapa Tlau
Zonuam, Aizawl
The one hour we spent talking about various issues and His Excellency’s kind invitation was really a pleasant experience. My wife and I were very touched by their warm and friendly attitude. We’re proud of them.

21.4.2016 Craig Hall
US Consulate General, Kolkata
Dear Governor, Thank you for the honor of a delightful dinner and for your warm hospitality. Very best wishes.
22.4.2016 Prof. Ramesh Chand
Member, NITI Aayog
Never seen such warm and caring figure in this state. His concern for prosperity of Mizoram and its people is remarkable.
23.4.2016 Rakesh Garg
Secretary, Minority Affairs, Gol
HE Governor gave lot of time and went in details about the schemes being seen by our Ministry and challenges being found. It was extremely motivating and inspiring to discuss it with him. I am also indebted for the warmth showered on me and our team.
24.4.2016 Brig B S Gill
Veteran, The Jat Regt.
HE Hon'ble Governor Lt Gen Nirbhay Sharma Sir, it is extremely kind and gracious of you that every visit to Aizawl is incomplete without meeting you... very warm and affectionate hospitality. Grateful thanks.
27.4.2016 Prof. Mrinal Miri Wonderful experience. Very informative conservation with the Governor.
1.5.2016 Ajay Kashyap, IPS Director, ACB HE Hon'ble Governor Lt Gen Nirbhay Sharma played gracious host for the evening. We had a memorable dinner and send off from Mizoram on my transfer on promotion to Delhi. My wife and I will carry memories of this eternally. Warmest regard and Best Wishes.
2.5.2016 Col Dhiraj Thapa CIJW Thanking HE Governor for a wonderful evening. He remains an inspiration for all of us.
28.5.2016 Brig T C Malhotra
DIG, 23 Sector AR
Such a privilege to be hosted by HE the Governor  and First Lady of the state. Me and Manjula will cherish this occasion and look forward to continue association. Thanks a lot.
1.6.2016 Banashri Bose Harrison
Ambassador of India to
Sweden & Latvia
It's been a privilege and honour  to be received by the Governor and his wife. Their conversation was most interesting and the hospitality heart-warming. Thank you.
Lalduhthlana Ralte
Ambassador of India to the Phillipines
A very pleasant evening with the Governor and Mrs Sharma. Much discussed on what we can learn from our experiences abroad and here which we could put in practice.
High Commissioner of India
to Malawi
It has been a wonderful experience to have been warmly received by the Governor  of Mizoram and his wife. Our interaction with them was truly interesting and educative. Thank you so much.
2.6.2016 Surendra Goyal
Minister, Rural Development &
Panchayati Raj (Raj), Jaipur
We are visiting Mizoram to I study the various works of Panchayati Raj NGOs here under European Union Partnership Programme. Also discussed with Governor, which was very educative, we are very thankful.
4.6.2016 Brig M S Mokha, SM
HQ, 23 Sector AR
Thanks a lot to Gen. and Mrs Sharma for the warm hospitality.
21.6.2016 R K Puri, IRTS (Retd) A visit to Mizoram and stay at Raj Bhawan has been a memorable and most enjoyable experience, enhanced by the warm and gracious hospitality of Gen. and Mrs Nirbhay Sharma. 
21.6.2016 Vibhas Shobha & Aparna Joshi A visit to this state in the northeast will stay with us forever. We look forward to visiting again. A sincere thanks to Gen. and Mrs Sharma. A warm thank you to the caring staff.
28.6.2016 Col. Alok Sethi
457 Field Hospital
A great privilege and honour. Thank you very much.
1.7.2016 Satyendra Garg
JS/NE MHA, New Delhi
Privilege to meet HE. Could discuss a few issues relevant in the state. Hope to come back again. My last visit was in 2004-05. Regards.
13.7.2016 Rodney L. Ralte, IAS Had a great time and excellent experience working with HE and Raj Bhavan for the last 15 months which fond memories will always linger in my mind.
18.7.2016 Arvind Ray, IAS Pleasure being in the new Raj Bhavan and enjoyed the hospitality of HE and Lady LG. An experience to remember.
1.8.2016 Lal Dingliana, IFS (Retd)
Chief Information Commissioner
Mizoram Information Commission
It was a great honour to be received by Hon'ble Governor and share views especially regarding RTI Act 2005.
9.8.2016 N S Jamwal, IG BSF
Ftr HQ M&C, Silchar
A very educative and professional interaction with the Hon'ble Governor. Thank you.
16.8.2016 Dr D V Sharma
Bone Hospital Agra
Great feeling. Top of the world.
17.8.2016 Rajan Gohain
MOSR, New Delhi
I have visited the Raj Bhavan and feel proud to see a vast wide campus amidst green hills of Mizoram.
18.8.2016 Farooq Khan, IPS
Retd. IGP J&k
Had a great evening with HE the Governor and reminisced about days spent in Kashmir. Had the privilege of meeting most gracious First Lady. Great unforgettable experience.
26.8.2016 H Rohluna -
31.8.2016 Lt Gen MJS Sachdev
DG Assam Rifle
Always a privilege and honour to meet the Governor. Thank you Sir!
31.8.2016 Manish Singha, IPS
Spl. Secretary Internal Security
Came to Raj Bhavan and had interaction with Hon'ble Governor. It was very fruitful and given me more insight. Thanks.
10.9.2016 Prof. Nityanand Pandey
Dept. of Education
Assam University Silchar
Greatest opportunity of learn, experience & noble innovative, pragmatic ideas, from His Excellency Governor of Mizoram.  It was a blessing to know about the Governor's devotion & dedication for the nature, as well as medically related various medicinal plants. Great. Jai Hind.
14.9.2016 R. Romawia
Minister H&TE
Governor's interest in Mizoram's progress in education, about how to impart knowledge in line with the present world is very good and inspiring approach.  I appreciate very much.
27.9.2016 Anil Madhav Dhave
Union Minister for Environment,
Forest & Climate Change
My deep appreciation for the green environment and good people of Mizoram.  I was also very happy to meet and discuss with the Governor.
4.10.2016 Muhammad Nasrul Islam
State Minister, Ministry of Water
Resources, Bangladesh
It was indeed a great honour to be here and meeting His Excellency who has great contribution in War of Liberation of Bangladesh.
7.10.2016 Maj Gen. Arun Roye
Many thanks - An honour.
7.10.2016 Krishnan Srinivasan
Former Foreign Secretary, GOI
7.10.2016 Rajeet Mitter
New Delhi
Many thanks for the kind hospitality.
7.10.2016 Col. P K Baidya Honoured and humbled with kindness and grace.
20.10.2016 Ranjan Mathai
Gurgaon, Haryana 
Overwhelmed by your hospitality and old memories.
28.10.2016 Mahendra Nath Pandey Very happy to visit a remote state like Mizoram.  Also, visiting the Raj Bhawan and enjoying the gracious company of the Governor and his Lady wife gave me an opportunity to discuss and learn more about Mizoram.  Will always remember the hospitality at Raj Bhawan. My best wishes to the Governor and people of Mizoram.
9.11.2016 Mrs Gagandeep
Gary Arts, Mohali
Its a matter of such a pride and pleasure to have the honour of staying here.  Thank you so much for the warm hospitality.  Carrying back memorable moments to be cherished all my life.
10.11.2016 Maj Gen. Neeraj Bali (Retd)
CEO, Pravara Rural Education
A matter of great personal honour and pride to be in the presence of His Excellency Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma.
11.11.2016 Suresh P. Prabhu
Minister of Railways
Great to be at this beautiful historical place.
12.11.2016 Rajen Gohain
Minister of State for Railways
A great place with lots of culture and history of the Mizo people, it has been a most memorable stay.  God bless all.
24.11.2016 C P Oberai Visiting Mizoram after 22 years is great.  Mizoram land of the highlanders is very charming.  Thanks.
24.11.2016 N Neihsial, IDAS
o/o C.G. D.A., New Delhi
Very proud to have the rare opportunity to have interaction with Hon'ble Governor.
24.11.2016 Praveen Kumar
Pr CDA (Pension) Allahabad
Indeed grateful to Hon'ble Governor for the hospitality extended to us.  Thanks a lot.
25.11.2016 Maj. Gen. Sukhesh Rakshit
HQ 101 Area
Thank you very much for the great social evening.
25.11.2016 Maj. Gen. Shashank Mishra
Red Shield Division
Thanks a lot for a wonderful evening at the Raj Bhawan.
25.11.2016 S K Singh, IDAS
IFA Eastern Command Kolkata
Most enjoyable evening.  Thanks.
25.11.2016 Pramod Kumar
CDA Guwahati
A great beautiful social evening and motivated environment.  Thanks.
27.11.2016 N Neihsial, IDAS
Controller General of Defence
Accounts, MoD New Delhi
I had a great comfortable and memorable stay in the Raj Bhawan.  The gracious hospitality of the Hon'ble Governor, the officers & staff will linger on my memory.  May God bless them all.
30.11.2016 Lt Gen. Amrik Singh
Chief of Staff, Eastern Command
An honour to meet and interact with a personality held so high in esteem.  We wish you good health and happiness.
21.12.2016 Maj Gen RGR Tiwari 
Honoured to be here... We will take the NCC activities in the state to higher aims!
21.12.2016 Brig Biswajit Chatterjee
Gd Cdr NCC Silchar
Honoured with the wonderful hospitality.
25.12.2016 Lt Gen AK Mishra 
ICFAI University Mizoram
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
29.12.2016 Prashant Arora 
New Delhi
Thanks for the nice suggestions.
29.12.2016 Vanlalhmuaka
State BJP Gen Secretary
Aizawl, Mizoram

31.12.2016 Lt Gen Anil Garshi, SM & Bar Sir, it has been great honour and privilege to be with you always. Karuna and self convey best wishes to His Excellency's staff. Happy landings. Regards. Warm Wishes.
12.1.2017 Richard Verma
USA Ambassador
Thank you for your friendship and your leadership. We are so grateful for all you have done to support US/India relation. All our very best.
13.1.2016 Lt Gen Suresh Sharma 
Honour and privilege to interact with Hon'ble Govenor. Impressed with his knowledge of Bru.
15.1.2017 M C Joshi
The new Raj Bhawan has a fantastic view with zero pollution and excellent weather. We had a lovely stay. The hospitality was also very good.
15.1.2017 Madhu Kapoor
Greetings and best wishes to Hon'ble Governor Nirbhay Sharma and Lady Governor Jyotsna Sharma.
21.2.2017 Oo Hla Saw
Rakhine State, Myanmar
Fruitful visit to learn about...Always fresh in my memory.
21.2.2017 Cen Byk Thong
Chin State, Myanmar
So great and fruitful.
21.2.2017 Nai Thi Ha
Mon State, Myanmar
21.2.2017 Saw Daniel
Kaya State, Myanmar
Thank you so much.
21.2.2017 Sai Maunt
Shan State, Myanmar
Thanks so much.
21.2.2017 Duh Hu Thang
Chin State
Very good and thank you so much.
22.2.2017 Mansukh Mandavia
MoS, Road Transport, Highways,
Shipping, Chemicals & Fertilizers
On my visit to Raj Bhavan, I deeply appreciated the Governor of Mizoram and his innovative ideas. I am sure Mizoram is going to progress under his leadership. All my best wishes for Mizoram's development. 
24.2.2017 K V Jay Kumar
Sr. Security Adviser, MHA
With great pleasure, I met HE the Governor after years. 
25.2.2016 Ms. Sunanda Datta
'Nandadeep' Dehradun
A warm and wonderful visit which merits a return! Thank you for your hospitality!
26.2.2017 Arbinda Goha
Memorable stay with utmost hospitality and affection. 
03.3.2017 Prof. Aniruddha Deshpende
Thanks for sparing valuable time and guiding us in several aspects of Mizoram.
03.3.2017 Nelson Sailo We had a lovely time. Thanks for inviting.
24.3.2017 Maj Gen Rupendra Dwivedi
IG AR (East)
Thanks for lovely interaction. Icon for all of us.
28.3.2017 Dr Gopal Mugeraya & 
Shubha Mugeraya
Excellent experience, good hospitality we are truly blessed. Thanks Sir.
02.4.2017 Shri Giriraj Singh
It was a wonderful visit and very fruitful visit to Mizoram and it was nice meeting with Hon'ble CM and Hon'ble Governor.
09.4.2017 Vikram Misri, IFS
Ambassador of India to Myanmar
It was wonderful to spend this evening at Raj Bhawan. Grateful to the Hon'ble Governor and Mrs Sharma for their generous hospitality.  
15.4.2017 K.S. Sarma, IAS (Retd) I had the privilege  of knowing Shri Nirbhay Sharma Ji during my government career when he was working in J&K. It is a great pleasure to have spend an evening at his place today for me and my wife. Madam Sharma gave us a wonderful dinner.  God bless them.
17.4.2017 Lt Gen Shokin Chauhan AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, Directorate General, Assam Rifles Thank you for an excellent evening.
19.4.2017 Vanlalrema Vantawl
President MJA, Gen. Hqrs., Aizawl
Very pleasant both interior and exterior.  Definitely worth a visit.
28.4.2017 General Andre Cox
The Salvation Army IHQ, London
Thank you for your gracious hospitality and assuring you of our support and prayer.  May we indeed be instruments of peace in this world.
29.4.2017 Sanjoy Hazarika
Director, CHIR
Deeply appreciated the chance to have a frank, detailed discussion with HE on many issues of common concern.
2.5.2017 Lt Gen Anil Chauhan
HQ 3 Corps
A privilege to be invited to the Governor's House.  A very interesting interaction with the Hon'ble Governor.
12.6.2017 Raj Nath Singh
Union Home Minister
Lot of thanks for comfortable stay and warm hospitality.
13.6.2017 Kiren Rijiju
Union Minister of State for Home Affairs
Very comfortable stay at Raj Bhavan. Thank hon'ble Governor Nirbhay Sharma Ji.
Pullela Gopi Chand
Gopichand Academy
It was a wonderful stay at the Rajbhavan. Thanks for the wormth and affection. Also its been a great trip of learning about Mizo culture lot to learn. Hops to return here. Thanks to Governor Sir and Madam for this. Best wishes Regard.
21.6.2017 Rajen Gohain
Union Minister of State for Railways
The Raj Bhawan location, its up.  Keep and the staff deputed are really very good.  I shall be happy to be here when I visit Aizawl.
27.6.2017 Vijay Goel
Union Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports
I love the place. Stay was comfortable. The staff was courteous and helpful. The Governor does very good job at building.
05.7.2017 Lt Gen DS Ahuja
GOC 101 Area
An honour to be here and interact with the Hon'ble Governor.  Raj Bhavan has a very aesthetic decor.
05.7.2017 Prabhu Dayal Meena
Secretary Design Modern New Delhi
It was a great privilege to attend Rajya Sainik Board meeting in Raj Bhawan and wonderful interaction with HE Governor of Mizoram today. Indeed a great day and delightful evening. With best regards.
05.7.2017 Maj Gen Jagalbir Singh, VSM
DG Resettlement
A honour and a privilege to have been invited to the Raj Bhawan and I thank the Hon'ble Governor for the warmth of his hospitality and the clarity of his vision for resettlement of ESM.
29.7.2017 C.R. Chaudhary
Union Minister of State for Food, Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution 
It is my immense pleasure to have breakfast with HE the Hon'ble Governor who has been the General of the Army as well as highest the member of the august body in the recruitment UPSC.  I took the blessings of the HE.  He is really a very learned and treasure of experiences of wide sector.  I would like to thanks the Hon'ble HE for sparing his valuable time.  At the same time I would like to thanks the officers and staffs of the Raj Bhawan for nice hospiality.
29.7.2017 T.T. Zothansanga
Parliamentary Secretary
I am really happy to be with the Hon'ble Governor along with the Hon'ble MoS, Shri Chaudhary who visit the state of Mizoram.  The management of the Houses is excellent and the staff are very nice and polite.  I shall remember the Hon'ble Governor for his courtesy, dedication and integrity for the people of Mizoram.  
11.9.2017 Deepak Vohra
Ambassador, Special Advosor
Lesotho and Guinea-Bissau
Amazing hospitality very pleased and honoured to meet an outstanding son of India, Governor Nirbhay Sharma.
16.9.2017 Dr Mahesh Sharma,MoS 
Ministry of Culture, Environment, Forest and Climate Change.
A memorable stay at Raj Bhawan and courtesy an His Excellency the Governor Lt. Gen Nirbhay Sharma. Regards
17.9.2017 Anurag Misra, IIS Speechless and spellbound. Thanks to Hon'ble Governor for giving me opportunity for stay in Raj Bhawan. During my meeting with six we felt we are with an elderly person of the family, love, affection and care is easily visible in Raj Bhawan. Entire credit to Sir and Madam. Special thanks for providing an opportunity to people of Mizoram to listen to Hindustani Classical musical recital of Abhishek of Mumbai. Thanks to audience to here accepted Abhishek. Governor Sir, you are right "Art & Culture" sees we boundary. Excellent hospitality. A warm thanks to entire staff especially Shri Deepak Sharma and Shri Kartik. Thanks to Secretary to Governor, Wg, Cdr. Shri Abraham and ADC Shri. Deepak  Gauri for the support. View from my suite was bonus. Going back with a promise to return soon.
17.9.2017 Abhishek

Yes. Sir, Blessing of Sir and Madam important for me for the musical journey of mine to NE Region. Unforgettable. Looking forward to more such occasions that will enrich me.
17.9.2017 Lt Gen. Shokin Chauhan, Assam Rifles Thanks you for an excellent breakfast.
20.9.2017 Air Marshal Anil Khosla AVSM, VM and Mrs Deepshikha Khosla, AOC-in-C EAC, IAF Shillong Thank you for the warm hospitality and a very comfortable stay. Best of luck.
Faultry Mein Jasmal Thank you for the warmth you both of shown to me during my short visit to Mizoram.
23.9.2017 Anne Feenstra, Delhi Inspiring.
25.10.2017 Justice Pradeep P Bhatt, High Court of Gujarat We had a very comfortable stay. The ambiance of Raj Bhavan is excellent. Thanks for the hospitality your warm hospitality has made our stay truly memorable.
6.11.2017  Dr. Rajiv Kumar, NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Great hospitality and enriching conversation. Will come back. 
30.11.2017 Ram Nath Kovind
President of India
It has been a pleasure to have visited and stayed at the historic Mizoram Raj Bhavan in Aizawl. I am glad to find that this heritage building has been immaculately maintained. I would like to thank that Governor, officers and staff of the Raj Bhavan for their warm hospitality. They have been excellent ambassadors of the friendly and welcoming people of Mizoram. Best wishes.
16.12.2017 A.K. Bhalla
Secretary, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India
A beautiful and  well maintained and very comfortable Raj Bhawan. Staff was very courteous.
16.12.2017 R.K. Singh
Minister of State (i/c) Power and MNRE
It was pleasure to meet General Sharma again. The Raj Bhawan is beautiful.
16.1.2018 B. Vanlalvawna
Consul General of India, Sydney
Thank you for your kind audience. It was a such pleasure to meet HE the Governor. 
21.1.2018 Jagat Prakash Nadda
Union Minister Health and Family Welfare
It was a pleasure to be a guest in Raj Bhawan Mizoram. We are grateful and thank Hon'ble Governor and Madam Governor for their warm hospitality. This heritage home is a treasure of Mizoram. Our gratitude and warm regards. 
22.1.2018 Ramesh Jigajinagi, Minister of State, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation   It was a pleasure to stay at Raj Bhavan Mizoram. I am grateful to Hon'ble Governor. This heritage home is treasure of Mizoram. This is my gratitude.
11.2.2018 Lt. Gen. Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava, AVSM
Director General of Border Roads Organisation
It is a privilege to be the Governor's House and have the honour to interact with HE Hon'ble Governor. Thank you Sir and Ma'am for your kind hospitality.  
08.4.2018 Prof. Jagdish Mukhi
Governor Assam
My stay at Raj Bhawan was very comfortable and memorable. Superb hospitality of HE Governor of Mizoram and the lady Governor. Very Good maintenance of the house. Delicious meals and courteous services.
10.4.2018 Padmanabha B. Acharya 
Governor Nagaland
Beautiful surroundings. Serene atmosphere. All the Raj Bhawan staff are cordial and hospitable. Food is delicious. Brother Governor Sharma and his wife are ideal hosts. We enjoyed with stay.
10.4.2018 Birender Singh
Steel Minister
Govt. of India
My stay with my wife remained very short but most comfortable a memorable efficient service and very good qualities food. His Excellency Governor Mr. Sharma Mrs Sharma meeting is with full  be use  of exercise unforgettable.
12.4.2018 Vibha Sood
Addl. D.G,
What an invigorating and exhausting dialogue it was. It was and skill be a life changing event where so many life lessons were imparted in a short but cherished time. Thanks a lot.  
13.4.2018 Lt. Gen NC Marwah (Retd.) 
Member NDMA
Pleasure to be hosted at Raj Bhawan. Had a very meaningful discussion with HE the Governor. Thanks for warm and hospitality. A very well designed and laid out extension.
14.4.2018 Major General Saush Sharma, VSM (Retd.) An honour to be with HE the Governor.
14.4.2018 Brig. Abraham Chacko An honour to be with a great Paratrooper. 
14.4.2018 Jay Aram VK It is a great honour to be with you. Thank you.
14.4.2018 Anbamutran Capt. (retd.) MP, SM, IAS
Assam-Meghalaya Cadre
Great honour to be with his excellency. Thank you.
20.4.2018 Dr. Michael Feiner, German Consul General Thank you.
05.5.2018 Mansukh Mandaviya
Minister of State
Govt. of India
It was a pleasure to meet the Hon'ble Governor and discuss with him that development issues of the state particularly about infrastructure, organics, health and tourism.Thanks for the great hospitality.
11.5.2018 Jan Luykx
Ambassador of Belgium
It was a pleasure with an honour to have been invited by the Hon'ble Governor and Madam for a most wonderful meal. 
15.5.2018 Adm. Sunil Lamba
Chief of Naval Staff
It was an honour to be hosted by the Hon'ble Governor. Thank you for the hospitality and the most comfortable stay.
28.5.2018 Justice Vaiphei,
Chairman, Assam Human Rights Commission
I'm grateful to His Excellency, the Governor for giving us a comfortable stay with good service and good food.
28.5.2018 Lt. Gen. Nirbhay Sharma (Retd.),
Governor of Mizoram
On demitting the office, I wish to place my sincere appreciation to the people of my State for all the love and affection showcased on us. I pray to God to give the State all that it deserves and more! Personal gratitude to the Staff and good wishes to Governor Kummanam Rajasekharan. Jai Hind!
05.7.2018 Krishan Pal Gurjar,
Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India
मुझे राज भवन में महामहिम एवं उनके स्टाफ द्वारा दिया गया अतिथि सत्कार बहुत अच्छा लगा | महामहिम कि मिलनसारति और कर्मचारिन की आवभगत दिल को छूने वाली थी | में दिल भी गहराइयों से महामहिम राज्यपाल जी का उनके स्टाफ को धन्यवाद् करता हूँ |
15.7.2018 D.V. Sadananda Gowda, 
Minister for Statistics  and Programme Implementation
I was much delighted here in Aizawl by seeing the nature in and around. Even though a small State has got rich heritage and culture. Connectivity by Rail or Road will cenrtainly develop this State.
14.8.2018 Krishna Raj
Hon'ble MoS Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
Most inrigorating and comfortable stay at Raj Bhavan Aizawl. Pleasure meeting and discussions with Hon'ble Governor. Superb hospitality. Enjoyed the stay thoroughly and very meaningful interactions with Chief Secretary and all senior officials from Agriculture & Dairy Sciences. Godspeed.
17.9.2018 Brig. M.S. Mokha, SM It has been a real honour and privilege to be associated with the Raj Bhawan during my tenure as DIG 23 Sector Assam Rifles. 
22.9.2018 James K. Sangma
Minister Govt. of Meghaya
A great privilege and honour to visit Raj Bhavan and spend such a wonderful time with H.E. Hon'ble Governor. 
03.10.2018 Ram Madhav
National General Secretary
BJP, New Delhi
Delighted to see HE the Governor in the newly constructed elegant residence.
17.10.2018 O.P. Rawat
Chief Election Commissioner 
Great view, excellent service and the nice ambience made my stay here quite memorable. Meeting HE the Governor for breakfast today was icing on the cake.
17.10.2018 Ashok Lavasa
Election Commissioner 
Thanks to this Excellency. We enjoyed the comfort of staying in this historic Raj Bhavan and experienced the efficient hospitality of the courteous staff.
17.10.2018 Sunil Arora
Election Commissioner
Our grand thanks to His Excellency our Governor, we stayed here as Election Commission. During our visit to Mizoram. The view is spectacular. The cuisine is very simple and delectable. The service by Raj Bhavan is it impeccable. It is a life view experience of it own kind.
17.10.2018 Sudeep Jain
Deputy Election Commissioner
An excellently kept Raj Bhavan with an equally hospitable team. Had a very comfortable stay. Enjoyed the morning walk too. Honoured to enjoy this beautiful place. My sincere thanks to His excellency Hon'ble Governor of Mizoram.
19.10.2018 P.B. Acharya
Governor of Nagaland
Happy Vijaya also shown homely fooding, courteous employees, happy stay, tasty food. Aizawl is very clean city. Good roads, friendly Mizos. Thank you. Kalawm e.
9.11.2018 G. Satheesh Reddy
Chairman, DRDO
Naive, clean, green beautiful Aizawl. Raj Bhavan located such away we can see the whole city. Raj Bhavan is maintained very clean and all the employees are very affectionate and Hon'ble Governor is down to earth, highly social conscious. My best wishes to all.
9.3.2019 Kummanam Rajasekharan
Governor of Mizoram
I am very much impressed the days I spent during my last nine months here. All staff members co-operated and done their duties very sincerely and successfully. Many thanks to all. Wish all the best.
26.3.2019 Ajay Narayan Jha
Member, 15 Finance Commission
The short stay was made very comfortable and relating by the courteous, hospitable and very professional and efficient staff. Thank you very much His Excellency for all the courtesies extended.
Ashok Kumar Lahiri
Member, 15 Finance Commission
Delightful stay. Thank you.
26.3.2019 N.K. Singh
Chairman, 15 Finance Commission
A most pleasant and delightful stay. The Raj Bhavan a heritage part of the complex is very well kept and has excellent upkeep and trained staff. May it continue this way it is important not to forget the past, best wishes. 
5.9.2019 Rameswar Teli 
Minister of State for Food Processing Industries
Our visits at Aizawl is very fruitful. Ever _ _ beautiful natural beauty state in the North East. 
22.9.2019 Ratan P Watal
Member Secretary,
Economic Advisory Council to PM &
K. Rajeswara Rao
Adviser, Economic Advisory Council to PM 
Our visit to Aizawl has been very fruitful and pleasant. We could interact with a wide cross-section of officials and non-officials during our short stay. The warm and efficient staff in Raj Bhavan looked after us. Thank you and best wishes. JAI HIND!
5.10.2019 Amit Shah
Home Minister
13.2.2020 Inder Jit Singh
Secretary, Ministry of DONER
Had a very comfortable and enjoyable stay.
13.2.2020 Ravindra Choudhary
Director, Ministry of DONER
It was treated to stay here. Hospitality and ambience are excellent.