A solo cyclist on a mission for women safety and empowerment’ calls on Governor

    Publish Date: May 20, 2023
    solo cyclist

    Aizawl the 20th May 2023: Ms. Aasha Malviya, a woman solo cyclist, on her Pan India Cycle Tour met the Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati at the Raj Bhavan yesterday evening.

    Ms.Aasha Malviya apprised the Governor that the main aim of her Pan India Cycle Tour is to bring awareness among the citizens for ensuring the safety of women, empowerment of women and above all, to create peace and harmony among different sections of societies in the country.

    The Governor thanked her for taking up such a brave mission to bring a sense of brotherhood,togetherness, peace and harmony among different sections of society at her own expenses.

    He hoped that her initiatives would bring out the positive in helping the people of India more informed about the need to ensure the safety of women in the country and their empowerment in society. The Governor wished her good health, success in her endeavour to attempt to cross other states and wished that the message she carried would be a blessing one for the people she would met on the next course of her journey.

    Aasha Malviya is a residents of Nataram, Rajghar District, Madhya Prasesh.She started her Pan India Cycle Tour on the 1st of November 2022 and till now she had already visited 18 states and Mizoram is the 19th states she visit. She arrived here in Aizawl at 3:30 in the evening yesterday after traveling 288 kms from haflong, Assam. At this hour she had covered a total of 16200 kms and she will conclude her Pan India Cycle Tour on the 15th of August, this year in New Delhi.


    Hmeichhiate dinhmun chawisan, remna leh muanna atana Thirsakawr hmanga India ram fan chhuah tum in Governor hmu (Mizo)

    Aizawl the 19th May 2023: Vawiin khan mahni Thirsakawr(Bicycle) khalh a India ram fan chhuah tum mek tu Nula Aasha Malviya chuan Governor Dr.Hari Babu Kambhampati chu a chhenna Raj Bhavan- ah a hmu a. He hunah hian India ram Thirsakawr hmanga fan chhuah a tum chhan leh a vei zawng te Governor a sawipui a ni.

    Nula Aasha Malviya chuan cycle hmanga India ram fanchhuah a tum chhan ber chu ‘hmeichhiate himna leh dinhmun chawisan’ a nih theih nan a mipuite hnena zirtina thlen a nih thu Governor hi a hrilh a. India rama hmeichhiate dinhmun ngaihsak a, an dunhmun chawisan a nih theih nan a Aasha Malviya-in engkim mahni intum chawp a, hma a lakna chu fakawm a tih thu Governor hian a lo hrilh a ni.

    Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan Nula Aasha Malviya hmalakna chuan India mipuite zingah harh tharna a thlen ngei a beisei tih a lo hrilh a. India hmeichhiate zingah amah anga sulsutu an lo chhuah zel a beisei tih sawiin State-tam tak la kal tur a nih angin tluang taka a hmabak te a tih zel theih nan Aasha Malviya hi a duhsakna a hlan tih a hrilh bawk a ni.

    Aasha Malviya hi Nataram, Rajghar District, Madhya Prasesh khua leh tui niin November ni 1, 2022 khan a chenna khua chhuahsanin India State zawng zawng fanchhuahna hi bul a tan a ni. State- 18 a tlawh tawh hnuiin vawiin tlai 3:30 khan Aizawl a lo thleng a ni.Tun dinhmunah hian 16200 km- tlan tling tawhin August ni 15, 2023 hian Delhi ah India a fanchhuah na kawng zawh hi a titawp dawn a ni.


    Written by: Zonunchama Ralte, MIS, IPRO