Chief Engineer of Project Pushpak apprises Governor Hari Babu on border roads condition in Mizoram

    Publish Date: February 6, 2023
    CE of Project Pushpak

    Aizawl, the 06th February 2023: Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati was apprised of the progress of border road construction works and the status of maintenance works of the existing border roads in Mizoram under Project Pushpak. Shri SP Kolipey, Chief Engineer gave PowerPoint presentations on the progress of the construction of 8 new border roads and maintenance works of the 6 existing border roads in Mizoram. Col. Abhishek Goel, Director(works), Shri Virender Singh, Commander, 24 BRTF and Shri Chalhmingthanga, Jt.Director supplemented the presentations by the Chief engineer.

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati shared his appreciation of the vital services provided by the BRO in road infrastructure in the state, especially within the border area. He welcomed that the border roads will be providing ease of connectivity to the people in the border areas as well as this infrastructure would bring conveniences to the troops for logistics. On the speedy progress of work during the current working season, Governor congratulated the BRO and extend his full support to them in their endeavour to provide better connectivity in the remote parts of the state.

    He acknowledged the BRO for trying their best effort to complete their task within a stipulated time frame despite several challenges caused by external factors in their assigned projects. He urged them to increase their efforts to complete their projects in this short working season available in Mizoram so as to set examples for other executing agencies and contractors operating in the state. He also advised Project Pushpak to showcase the progress of their works and services to the state in a regular manner to the public so as to build a better relationship with the locals and receive their support.

    Governor expressed his disappointment with other agencies and contractors for employing delaying tactics and all sorts of excuses to extend their working periods of various projects which generally extend from a completion period set for 2 to 3 years to 6 years and beyond. Governor strongly suggested that any executing agency and their contractors needed to find solutions to complete their task in a stipulated time. Governor strongly suggested that any executing agency and their contractors needed to find solutions to complete their task in a stipulated time. He also suggested the idea of utilizing plastic waste as raw material for road construction through new technology.

    Governor was particularly interested in the proposed construction of the Bridge on River Kaladan on the road that connects Hnathial Town and Sangau Town. He was informed that a proposal for the construction of this Bridge passed the DPR stage and is now being tendered already. Further, this construction when commenced would require 2 to 3 years for completion.

    As reported, the BRO has road construction projects and maintenance works in a small stretch within Aizawl and border areas of a western belt of Mizoram but has a bigger portion of works concentrated in the border areas of the southern and eastern parts of the state.

    Governor was briefed that BRO is developing a total length of 588.08 km of roads in Mizoram and planning the maintenance of a total length of 307.70 km length roads in the coming years. During the briefing, it was apprised that the BRO is constructing a total of 22 bridges for a length of 1499.50 meters in Mizoram (17 bridges are under progress at various stages, 02 bridges are under planning and 03 bridges have already been completed).

    The CE (P) Pushpak also briefed about the new technologies being used by the BRO in constructing the roads for longer life and the better road surface in the state of Mizoram. The technologies used are as follows:-

    a. Use of Cementitious Base (CTB) & Cementitious Sub Base (CTSB)to increase the strength of the surface.

    b. Use of Geo Textile, Biological Enzymes and Biaxial Geogrid for stabilization of road surfacing layer.

    c. Use of waste plastic coated aggregates to save the environment and increase the longevity of the road surface.

    The CE (P) Pushpak also apprised that since the working season in the state has just begun and the BRO has taken the forefront and pushed all the resources and the development of road works are going at a swift speed on all the roads under BRO in Mizoram and the same has been recognised by all the village councillors and locals of the respective villages where the roads are passing through.


    Governor in Border Roads chungchangah Chief Engineer Pushpak leh a thawhpuite kawm (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 06th February 2023: Vawiin chawhnu khan Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan Project Pushpak hnuaia ramri hrul kawngpui enkawlna leh kawngpui thar siam hna thawktu Border Roads Organisation(BRO) hotute chu Raj Bhavan-ah a kawm a. He hunah hian Pu SP Kolipey, Chief Engineer, Project Pushpak chuan PowerPoint hmangin Mizorama kawngpui thar 8 siam mek leh kawngpui 6 awm mek enkawl hna thawhdan a sawi fiah a. CE hi Col. Abhishek Goel, Director(works), Pu Virender Singh, Commander, 24 BRTF leh Pu Chalhmingthanga, Jt.Director ten an tawiawm a ni.

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan Mizoram hmun kilkhawr zawkah te inkalpawhna tha zawk a awm theih nan Project Pushpak hnuaiah BRO ten hna ropui tak an thawk tih a sawi a. Heng kawngpui te hi a chhawr tangkaitu chu mipui an nih rualin ram venhimna kawnga thawktu sipai te tan pawh a tangkai dawn hle a ni a ti. Mizoramah hnathawh hun chhung a rei lo tih hre chunga chak taka hna an thawh thin avangin BRO te chu an fakawm thu a sawi bawk.

    BRO chuan an project khawihah te pawnlam atanga harsatna te an tawk chungin hna an thawk chak thawkhat nia a hriat thu a sawi a. Tun aia tan an lak leh zual chuan BRO chu kawngsiamtu agency thenkhat leh contractor te entawn tur khawp a theihna neiah a ngai tih a sawi.

    BRO te a kawmnaah hian Governor chuan Mizoramah hnathawh hunchhung a reilo tih chu tlang hriat a ni a. He hnathawh hunchhung rei lo leh harsatna awm thei zawng zawng te hi project siam dawnah sawifiah, a bilh tel vek a ni a. Heng zawng zawng chhut lawk sa vek hian Project thawh zawh hun tur hi siam a ni thin a ti. Governor chuan Mizoramah chuan project te kum 2 atanga kum 3 thawh zawh tura siam te chu kum 5, kum 6 leh a aia reiah te zawh a ni fo thin a. Hei hian project thar awm tur a lo dan bakah mipui ten an chhawr tangkai hun tur aia tlaiah an chhawr phah fo a. Thil fello tak a ni a, hmasawnna ruhrel dintute hian mawhphurhna pawimawh tak an nei hi an hriat chiana, an hnathawh tur te pawh a hun takah thawh zawh dan kawng an hmuhchhuah a ngai a ni a ti.

    Governor chuan BRO te chu kawngpui siam hna an thawh kawngah tunlai thiamna thar te hman tangkai tum turin a chah a. Sarang leh plastic bawlhlawh te pawh tangkai taka kawngsiamna hmanrua a hman dan dap ve turin a fuih a. BRO hnathawh leh project te pawh Mizoram mipuiin an hriat theih nan BRO hotute chu tlangzarh kawngah tan la turin a fuih a. Mizoram mipuiin Project Pushpak in Mizoram tana hna tha tak tak a thawh te hi an hriat chuan tun aiin an thlawp tha leh zual ang a ti.

    Governor chuan Mizoram chhim lama kawngpui pawimawh tak pakhat Hnathial leh Sangau inkara darzo Lei chu Lirthei rit zawk kal theih a siam a pawimawh tih a sawi a. Hemi chungchanga a zawhna chu BRO lam chuan chhangin he Lei dawhna tura DPR chu pawm a ni tawh a, Tender pawh chhuah a ni tawh tih an sawi a. Darzo lei siam hna hi tan thuai an in beisei tih sawiin a siam zawh nan kum 2 atanga kum 3 a ngai niin an sawi bawk.

    BRO in report an pek dan chuan tunah hian kawngpui thar KM 588.08 siam hna an thawk mek a; kawngpui awm sa KM 307.70 enkawl hna pawh tun atanga reiloteah an thawk thei dawn a ni. Lei dawh hna hmun 22 ah an neih zingah 17 chu an la thawk mek a, 2 chu an la thawk tan lo a, 3 an thawk zo tawh a ni.

    Mizoramah kawngpui siam hnaah an harsatna tawh ber chu hmanraw tha hmuh tur avang thin a, kawngpui te a tlo lo thin tih an sawi a. He harsatna sukiang tur hian hmanrawn thenkhat tunlai thiamna hmangin an hmang mek tih an sawi. BRO ten report an pek dan chuan Cementitious Base (CTB) & Cementitious Sub Base (CTSB) te, Geo Textile, Biological Enzymes and Biaxial Geogrid bakah plastic chhia te kawngpui chunglang leh a chhunglam tih tlo nan an hmang tan a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director