Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati plants state tree sapling on Green Mizoram Day 2024

    Publish Date: June 11, 2024
    Green Mizoram Day 2024 at Raj Bhavan

    Aizawl, the 11th June 2024: To participate among thousands of green activists across the state on the occasion of Green Mizoram Day 2024, Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati and Lady Governor Dr. Jayashree Kambhampati planted the state tree (Mesua Ferrea) saplings on the fencing of Circular Lawn, Raj Bhavan today.

    On this occasion, the Governor appealed to the people of Mizoram to be wholeheartedly involved in the green initiatives that include the conservation of forest and wildlife, reforestation, judicious uses of resources from the forest, conservation of the riverine area, and other initiatives that would preserve the rich biodiversity in the state.

    The secretary to the Governor and other officials also planted different tree saplings in the same area.

    Green Mizoram Day, a green initiative by the state of Mizoram was started on June 11, 1999. Since then, it has continued to be observed every year on June 11.


    Green Mizoram Day 2024 pualin Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan state thing – Herhse tiak a phun (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 11th June 2024: Kumin Green Mizoram Day 2024 puala state pum huapa hnatlangah Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati leh Lady Governor Dr Jayashree Kambhampati te pawh tel ve in vawiin chawhma khan Circular Lawn, Raj Bhavan-ah Herhse tiak an phun a ni.

    Green Mizoram Day pual hian Governor chuan Mizoram mipuite hnenah ngenna a siam a. Ramngaw chereu nasa chak lutuk avang sik leh sa danglam mek avanga chhiatna lian tak tak thleng chho mekah hian khua leh tui ten ramngaw humhalh pawimawh zia leh ramngaw siam tura tan lak a pawimawh zia kan hriat thar a tul a ti a. Ramngaw chereu in a nghawng tuihna tlem tial tial te, khawlum leh nungcha a nghawng dan te hre tharin a siamthat hna thawh kawngah khua leh tui ten kan mawhphurhna kan hriatthar leh a tul a ni a ti.

    Governor secretary leh official dangte pawhin Green Mizoram Day pual hian Raj Bhavan huam chhungah thing tiak chi hrang hrang an phun bawk a ni.

    Green Mizoram Day hi June 11, 1999 atang khan hman tan a ni a, chuta tang chuan kum tin June 11-ah hman chhunzawm zel a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, PRO to Governor