Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati graces 10th convocation of ICFAI University Mizoram

    Publish Date: November 18, 2022
    ICFAI Ten Convocation

    Aizawl, the 18th November 2022: The lone private university in the state, ICFAI University Mizoram organised its 10th convocation at the Auditorium of the Campus. Governor Dr. Haribabu Kambhampati, the Visitor of the university graced the convocation as the Chief Guest.

    After taking permission from the visitor, Prof Y.R. Haragopal Reddy, Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram declared the convocation open. The proceeding started with a welcome address and progress report of the university by Prof R.P.Vadhera, Vice Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram. The graduating students were conferred degrees by Chancellor after getting administered with an oath by Vice Chancellor. The graduates then received their degrees from the Vice Chancellor. This was followed by presentations of gold medals and silver medals to the meritorious graduates. Governor distributed Gold Medals while Silver Medals were distributed by the Chancellor.

    Governor Haribabu Kambhampati, in his convocation address first congratulated the successful candidates and wished them good luck in their future endeavors. He then shared the main ideas of the New Education Policy(NEP) 2020 introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shape the future of India with a comprehensive and pro-development education policy.

    He enlightened the gathering with the emphasis given by NEP 2020 on preparing the students for entrepreneurship to make them ‘job creators’ instead of becoming ‘job seekers. He felt that while a formal education is well-taken care of in Mizoram we need to close the huge gap in vocational and job-oriented skill education. On this pertinent matter, he urged all the stakeholders to necessary actions urgently. Governor felt that the Mizo youth has the attribute of speaking english fluently. This quality, he believed will help them achieve success even outside the state. Therefore, he urged the youth of Mizoram to venture more and more outside the state looking for opportunities rather than only searching for what is available inside the state.

    Another important issue the Governor raised on this occasion was the lack of awareness of various social security and welfare schemes of the central government by the stakeholders, the officials, and the educated alike. He told the gatherings that he had been reaching out to the public whenever he has an opportunity. Apart from the bankers and the concerned officials, he urged the young educated crowds to try their hands at this awareness campaign so that these schemes benefited the maximum numbers of the targeted stakeholders.

    The Governor, who himself, a sponsor of 20 plus TB patients for Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan also urged more people to come forward in helping TB patients with the provision of nutritional support through an online platform called Nikshay.

    Full speech of Governor:

    Prof. Y.R. Haragopal Reddy, Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram also addressed the convocation. He thanked Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati for assigning him the important responsibility at ICFAI Mizoram. He vowed that he will serve the University to the best of his abilities for the growth of the University and also in maintaining academic standards. He also thanked Chief Minister, Pu Zoramthanga for his encouragement and cooperation in all the endeavors of the University.

    He congratulated the graduating students for their accomplishments of an important milestone in their education career. He reminded the graduating students that they are the valued ambassadors and finished products of ICFAI University, Mizoram. He wished them success in their attempts to utilize their acquired skill and degrees for their career and the benefits of society and the development of the country.

    In this convocation program, Prof R.P.Vadhera, Vice Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram read out the statistics of the university, its achievement, and initiatives being taken to strengthen the existing facilities.

    The university campus is spread across 17.58 acres of land with built-up area of 43000 sq.ft. Many of the classrooms in the university are well equipped with LCD Projectors. The University have a IT lab with 60 systems, language lab with 20 stations, Geography lab, Hospitality & Tourism lab, an auditorium that has 300 seating capacity as well as video conferencing room. It also have 6 buses for the transportation of students and 1 staff bus for the transportation of the faculty and office staff. As of today, the university has 15 administrative staff, 24 Regular Faculty, and 28 Visiting Faculty. 5 more Regular Faculty positions have been approved by the ICFAI Society, Hyderabad, and are likely to be filled soon.

    The University at present offers 10 post-graduate programs (MBA, MSW, M.Com, MA Pol. Sci., MA Eng., MA Edn., MA Hist., M.Sc. Geog, MA Eco., MA Mizo & Cultural Studies), and 7 under-graduate programs (BBA, BSW, BCA, B.Com, BBA-H & T, BA (Eng), BA (Geog), under three faculties, namely, Faculty of Management, Faculty of IT, and Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. However, the university has stopped admission in BA (Eng) and BA (Geog) from 2021 and these programs will be phased out in 2023.

    The university on average has been producing 250-300 graduates every year, however, this year this number is only 98 graduates (75 PG & 23 UG), which is because of the very low admission in the 2019-22 batch UG programs and 2020-22 batch PG Programs.

    The university has started two new UG programs, namely, BSW and B.Com in 2022, and has also resolved to start 3 new UG Programs, namely, BCA-Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, BCA-Cyber Security and BCA-Data Science from 2023-24, and the Ph.D. program from 2022-23.

    ICFAI Mizoram is getting ready to submit itself for the NAAC Bangalore for its Assessment and Accreditation, and Participation in NIRF Ranking. It has conducted 4 sensitization lectures & training workshops on the process and procedures of Accreditation and NIRF Ranking. The university is also getting ready for the implementation of the various recommendations of NEP 2020.

    As of today the university has 618 students of which 103 (17%) are in UG Programs and 515 (83%) are in PG Programs.

    The convocation concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Dr. David Lallawmzuala, Registrar.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati in ICFAI University Mizoram Convocation vawi 10-na hmanpui (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 18th November 2022: Vawiin khan Mizorama Private University awmchhun, ICFAI University Mizoram chuan Convocation vawi 10-na chu an Campus Audtitorium-ah an hmang a. He hunah hian Governor Dr. Haribabu Kambhampati, Visitor of ICFAI Mizoram ni bawk chu khuallian a ni.

    Visitor phalna la hmasain Prof Y.R. Haragopal Reddy, Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram chuan convocation hi a hawng a. Program bul tan nan Prof R.P.Vadhera, Vice Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram hnen atangin inlawmna thuchah leh progress report of ICFAI Mizoram ngaihthlak a ni a.Hemi zawhah hian zirlai hlawhtling te chuan Vice Chancellor hnen atanga thutiam an lak hnuin Chancellor hnen atangin an Degree neih nemnghehna an dawng a ni. Convocation program-ah hian zirlai hlawhtling zinga ti thazual te thlanchhuan hnenah Governor leh Chancellor te chuan Gold Medal leh Silver Medal te an hlan nghal bawk a ni.

    Governor Haribabu Kambhampati chuan zirlai degree nei thar te chu an hlawhtlinnaah a lawmpui thu sawiin an hmalam hunah hlawhtlinna an chan ngei theihna turin duhsakna a hlan hmasa a. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in India ram zirna kalphung thar mithiamte a buatsaihtir, New Education Policy(NEP) 2020 pawimawhna leh a bik taka Mizoramin a mamawh chhan te a sawi chhunzawm a ni.

    Governor chuan Mizoramah hian zirna kan kalpui laiah hian eizawnna nena inkaihhnawih thil a hranpaa zirtirna a tam lo hle a. Art subject lam leh subject tluangtlam lam zirtirna, tuna kan kalpui mekah tha thawkhat mah ila, hmasawnna zawng zawh tur leh chhawrtlak mithiam chherchhuak tur erawh chuan duhthu a sam tawh lo a ti. A tam thei ang berin vocational education leh skill development lam te kan zirlai te kan zirtir a ngai tawh a. Hna zawng tura zirtirna pek lam aiin midangte chhawr thei tura mithiam, mahni kutkea bultan thei leh an hlawhtlin tak tak hma atanga midang te tana hna thawh tur siam thei mi tam zawk chher chhuah kan tum tur a ni a ti. Mizoram thalaite chu a tlangpuiin saptawng an thiamin an tawng pawh a nalh tih sawiin hei hi skill pawimawh tak a ni a. India ram mai ni lo, ram pawnah thleng Mizo thalaite hian hna an hmu thei a; engemaw thiam bik emaw thawh theih bik erawh an neih a ngai a, hemi atan hian skill development lam leh vocational education lam kan hawi nasat a ngai a ni a ti.

    He hunah hian Governor chuan Mizoramah Central Scheme tha tak tak dawngte an tlem chhan chu heng scheme hrang hrang te chungchangah inzirtirna pekchhuah a that tawk loh vang a ni tih a sawi a. Hei hi pawi a tih thu te, hun remchang a neih apiangin hemi chungchangah sawrkar official leh banker te tang tura a ngen thin thu a sawi a. Central sawrkar atanga dawn theih social security scheme tha tak tak leh sawrkar tanpuina te chu a dawng tur dik tak la dawng lo tam tak ten an dawn theihna turin mithiam rawn chhuak thar te pawhin hriat chian an tum a, beneficiary te hnenah zirtirna an pek a ngai a ni a ti.

    Central sawrkar hnuaia hmalakna pakhat Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyan, kum 2025 hmaa TB natna umbo chungchang a sawi a. He scheme hnuaiah hian ei leh in tha mamawh, TB natna vei te chu Nikshay program hmangin online kaltlangin pawisaa tanpui theih an ni a ti a. He rawngbawlnaah hian mi thahnem ngai te rawn tel zel turin sawmna a siam a ni. (Governor, Health Minister leh mi thahnem ngai tlem azawngin TB vei engemaw zah tan kum khat chhunga chaw hrisel leina tur pawisa an thawh a ni).

    Full speech of Governor:

    Prof. Y.R. Haragopal Reddy, Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram pawhin convocation puala thuchah a sawi a. Chancellor atana ruattu Governor chungah lawmthu a sawi a. ICFAI University Mizoram hmasawnna tura Governor in theihtawp a chhuah zel chu a thlamuan thlak hle a ni a ti. Chancellor chuan ICFAI Mizoram hmasawnna tura kawng tinrenga phurpuia, an mamawh thlen te lo tihhlawhtlinsak zeltu Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga hnenah pawh lawmthu a sawi bawk a ni. ICFAI Mizoram tihhmasawnna tura mawhphurhna sang ber pek a ni chu a tan chona hmachhawn phurawm tak a ni tih sawiin he university hmasawn zelna tur hian a theihtawp a chhuah zel dawn tih a sawi a. Vawiina degree thar nei te chu an hlawhtlinnaah a lawmpui tih sawiin ICFAI Mizoram tana palai hna thawktu ni chhunzawm a, he university in hmasawn zelna atana mi tangkai ni chhunzawm turin a sawm a ni.

    Prof R.P.Vadhera, Vice Chancellor, ICFAI Mizoram in report a pek dan chuan ICFAI University Mizoram hi ICFAI Society, Hyderabad chuan tihlen zel a tum a. Zirna atan thil thar hmanraw tha tak tak dah belh tum a ni a, course thar engemaw zah zirtir a ni dawn a, zirtirtute leh staff te pawh lak belh a ni dawn a ni. Tunah hian classroom tam zawk chu LCD projector a thuam vek a ni tawh a. Class room pawn lama subject thenkhat tana practical class lakna tur bik lab, room, station leh a dang te siam belh a ni mek a. Tunah hian PG program 10(MBA, MSW, M.Com, MA Pol. Sci., MA Eng., MA Edn., MA Hist., M.Sc. Geog, MA Eco., MA Mizo & Cultural Studies) leh UG program 7 (BBA, BSW, BCA, B.Com, BBA-H & T, BA (Eng), BA (Geog)) te chu Faculty of Management, Faculty of IT leh Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences hnuaiah kalpui mek a ni.

    ICFAI Mizoram atang hian kumtin graduate 250-300 an chhuak thin a. Kuminah erawh chuan Graduate 98( 75 PG & 23 UG) chiah an awm a. Hei hi a chhan chu 2019-22 UG program leh 2020-22 batch PG Programs a admission la an tlem vang a ni. Tunah chuan ICFAI University Mizoramah hian admission la rawn tam leh tawhin zirlai 618 an awm mek a ni. BCA-Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, BCA-Cyber Security leh BCA-Data Science from 2023-24, bakah Ph.D. program pawh 2022-23 atangin tan a ni dawn bawk a ni. NAAC hnenah endik an nih theihna turin an inpuah chah mek a. NIRF Ranking a tel pawh an tum mek bawk a ni.

    Vawiina zirlai ti thazual lawmman dawngtute hi Gold Medal dawngtu 14 leh Silver Medal dawngtu 13 an ni a. Dr David Lawmzuala, Registrar chuan lawmthu sawiin Convocation hi khar a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director