Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati graces MAF’s Architects Meet 2022

    Publish Date: November 25, 2022

    Aizawl, the 25th November 2022: Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati graced the Architects Meet 2022 hosted and organized by the Mizoram Architect Forum (MAF) at the Auditorium, Administrative Training Institute, MINECO in the capital today.

    The Architects Meet 2022 was divided into four sessions – the inaugural session, the seminar sessions and the panel discussion. Two renowned architects, Ar. Sanjay Mohe, Mindspace Architects and Ar. Prashant Pradhan, PP Architects were the speakers at the event.

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati addressed the architects in this meeting. He highlighted the important role played by architects in how we utilize our living spaces. He stressed the need for the services of architects in urban enclosures with a special reference to Aizawl city and other urban towns in Mizoram.

    He suggested that sensible design solutions can greatly reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters, including earthquakes and landslides, which are common occurrences in Mizoram. The State, being in the Zone-V Earthquake Classification, requires architectural design solutions and interventions to mitigate such natural disasters. In this regard, Governor wanted the general public to be more aware of engaging the expertise of architects while planning and designing buildings.

    He also underlined the need to be more environmentally responsible while planning. He also urged architects to design buildings that are more sustainable and energy efficient. This, he felt, will help in our fight against climate change and global warming. He believed that by doing this way people will help create a more sustainable society, beginning with the design of our homes.

    Governor also suggested the incorporation of rooftop solar systems in your designs on buildings, for the generation of solar power. He concluded his speech by wishing the architects meet a grand success.

    Full Speech of Governor:

    Ar. Lalrinzuala Ralte, President, MAF, chaired the inaugural session. The session concluded with vote of thanks proposed by Ar. Malsawmkima Royte.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan MAF buatsaih Architects Meet 2022 hmanpui (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 25th November 2022: Vawiin khan Mizoram Architect Forum (MAF) chuan Auditorium, ATI, MINECO-ah Architects Meet 2022 a buatsaih a. He Architect intawhkhawmna lianah hian Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chu khuallian a ni.

    Architects Meet 2022 hi hun li – hawnna inkhawm, seminar leh sawihona hunah te then a ni a. Architect hna thawk mek leh architect zirlai ten India rama Architect hlawhtling pahnih – Ar. Sanjay Mohe, Mindspace Architects leh Ar. Prashant Pradhan, PP Architects te hnen atangin fuihna thu leh an hna thawh atana thil tangkai tak tak an ngaithla a ni.

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan kan hmunawl neih te tangkai tak leh midangte tana hnawk lova chenna hmun leh in sak chungchangah Architect te mamawhna leh pawimawhna tunhma zawng aiin a nasa tawh a. Mizoramah chuan hmundangte angin ram zau tak tak leh hmun rem tha duh anga zau kan nei thei lova. Kan in sak dan leh hmunawl kan hnawhkhah danah te pawh kan fimkhur zual bik a ngai a. Aizawl khawpui tawt lutuk leh Mizorama District khawpui lian deuhah te pawh kan inhnawh tawt mek a, Architect te rawn nachang hriat kan intihhmuh zel hi a ngai tawh a ni a ti.

    Mizoram chu Lirghing thlen duh bikna hmunah pawh a ralti lai ber – Zone-V Earthquake Classification huamchhungah a awm tih kan hriat reng a ngai tih a sawi a. Hei bakah hian leimin awm duhna hmun leh chhiatrupna thlen thei thil dang vanga hmun him lo a ni tel a. Kan insak dan te hian kan him leh him lohna tur kawngro a su a. Chuvangin in sak nghet tha leh him kan neih theih nan Architect rawn na chang te kan hriat a, an pawimawhna te hi kan hmuh chian a ngai a ni a ti. Governor chuan Architect te chu khawvel sik leh sa danglam chho zel leh khawvel tunhma aia lo lum chho zelah engtin nge a siam tha zawnga ke kan pe ve ang tih lam hawia an ngaituahna te seng turin a chah a. Architect ten ruahmanna an siam hmain environment nghawng thil a ni nge ni lo tih te an ngaihtuah hmasak fo a ngai a. Mizoramah kawlphetha indaihlohna te pawh hre chiang a, inchung design an siam thinah te Nizung chakna hmanga kawlpetha siam (Solar Rooftop design) te uar tel turin a chah bawk a ni.

    Full Speech of Governor :

    Architects Meet 2022 hawnna inkhawm hi Ar. Lalrinzuala Ralte, President, MAF, chuan a kaihruai a. Report a tarlan dan chuan tunah hian Mizoramah Architect hna thawka eizawng zingah MAF member 100 chuang an awm tawh a ni. Ar. Malsawmkima Royte, Vice President chuan lawmthu sawiin huntawp a khar thung a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director