Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati launches Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare)

    Publish Date: November 29, 2022
    Nightingale Care Services

    Aizawl, the 29th November 2022: Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati launched Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare) at Jay Jay Training & Placement Solutions, Falkland Veng, Aizawl today. In this program, the Governor also distributed Certificates to the 1st Batch Caregiver Trainees who had just completed their 3 months duration training.

    Governor in his address recommended to all those candidates who are looking for job placements abroad to take utmost care in selecting the placement agency to avoid unwanted difficulties that usually occurred after approaching fake agencies. In this connection he warned, “I strongly urge the public to be extra careful when attempting to find employment abroad, as there are many fake and unreliable agencies. It is always safer to choose approved and licensed agencies”.

    Governor shared his appreciation of Jay Jay TPS for the valuable work they have done for around a decade for training the unemployed youth of Mizoram and finding placements for them within the country and abroad. He also congratulated the 1st Batch of Caregiver Trainees on receiving their legitimate and credible certifications from Jay Jay TPS, the first and only registered Recruiting Agency in Mizoram with a License from the Ministry of External Affairs.

    Governor welcomed the launching of the Nightingale Care Services, a new initiative he expected to be an important step in formalizing the home healthcare sector in the State. He urged the LESDE and its training partners to create more vocational and skill development training courses like these to increase the employability of the educated youth in the state. Since the government jobs alone cannot cater to every degree holder; he urged the bright and talented youth of the state to start looking for limitless opportunities outside the State, and even outside the country.

    Full speech of the Governor:

    Since its inception in 2011, Jay Jay TPS has trained 600 plus trainees and successfully placed around 400 trained persons within the country and abroad. The facility is now expanded and able to accommodate 140 residential trainees. 26 trainees completed their 3 months of training as the pilot batch. Currently, 21 candidates in the 2nd batch will be completing their training soon. The Nightingale Care Services is sponsored by the North Eastern Council and recognized by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, which is an autonomous organization under the Central Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

    The launching of Nightingale Care Services commenced with the organization report given by Pu D.Eich Thanga, Manager, Jay Jay TPS. The program concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Pu Jervis Nghaka Chhakchhuak, Proprietor, Jay Jay TPS.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, PRO to Governor

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati in Nightingale Care Services(Home Healthcare) training na hawng (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 29th November 2022: Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan vawiin khan Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare) – in lama damlo, tar chaklo leh enkawl ngai te enkawltu tur training na chu a zirna hmun Jay Jay Training & Placement Solutions, Falkland Veng, Aizawlah a hawng a. Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare) hnuaia training batch hmasaber te hnenah certificate a hlan nghal bawk a ni.

    Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati chuan Jay Jay TPS in kum 10 chhunga hma alo lak tawh naah thalai tam takin ram chhungah leh ram pawnah hna an hmuh theih phah a. Hei hi thil lawmawm tak a ni a, helam hawi zawng hian LESDE leh a training partner dang te pawhin skill training course dang te pawh siam belh zel se, thalai tam takin eizawnna an neih phah dawn a ni a ti. Kan hriat theuh angin sawrkar hnathawh tur chu tlem te a ni a, kumtin thalai lehkhathiam an awm belh zel a, eizawnna kawng dapin hnathawh tur an mamawh a. Mizoramah ringawt hnathawh tur zawng loa state pawn leh ram pawn lama hnathawhtur tam tak awm mek te kan thalaite an ngaihven a hun tawh a. Heng state pawn leh rampawn lama hnathawh tur te hi kan thalai ten an thawh theih nan vocational training leh skill development training tha tak kan pek a ngai a ni a ti.

    Rampawna hnathawhtur zawngte hnena hnah hmuh sak thei nia in sawi lemchang tam tam tak an awm tih erawh hriat a pawimawh takzet tih a sawi a. Heng Fake Agency te hi awihawm takin an insawi thin avangin mi tam takin bum tawkin harsatna an tawh phah tawh a. Hnazawng te chuan Fake Placement Agency te thangkamah an awh lohna turin Hna pethei nia insawi nazawng te chu ring nghal mai loa an zirchian hmasak thin a ngai a. A thaberah erawh chuan sawrkarin a pawmpui Agency ngei pan a tha a ti a. Mizoramah pawh rampawna hnathawh tur zawnsak thei awm chhun leh Ministry of External Affairs in license a pek thlap Jay Jay TPS Aizawlah a lo awm hi thil lawmawm tak a ni a ti a. Jay Jay TPS hotute pawh theihtawp chhuah chhunzawm a, skill training dang te pawh mamawh dan mil zela siam belh turin a chah a ni.

    Full speech of the Governor:

    Jay Jay TPs hi kum 2011 khan din a ni a; tunah hian helai hmun atang hian mi 600 chuang an training chhuak tawh a. Training chhuak tawh zinga mi 400 vel hi hna hmuhsak an ni tawh bawk a ni. Tunah hian Jay Jay TPS-ah hian zirlai 140 hosteller anga awmin training an nei thei tawh a. Nightingale Care Services (Home Healthcare), thla thum a rei, training bik hi North Eastern Council(NEC) hnuaia hmalakna a ni a. He Training course hi Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship(IIE) duan niin certificate pawh hi IEE pek a ni a. Batch hmasaber-ah hian mi 26 ten hlawhtling takin training an nei tawh a. Heng zinga a tam zawk hi ram pawn – UK, Singapore, Gulf leh hmundangah te Healthcare Giver hna hmu tawhin an kalna tur buaipui mek an ni. Batch 2-nah hian 21 an awm mek a. Nakkum January hian Batch 3-na atan admission hawn a ni leh dawn a ni. Vawiin program-ah hian training chhuak ten an training chungchang leh an hnathawh tur chungchangah te report an pe a. An hnathawh tur an zawm hnuah hian ei in leh awmna man chawi lovin thlatin Rs 80,000/- bawr atangin bul an tan dawn a ni.

    Nightingale Care Services hawnna program-ah hian training chungchangah report Pu D.Eich Thanga, Manager, Jay Jay TPS ngaihthlak a ni a. He hunah hian Pi Angela Zothanpuii, Director, LESDE chuan Governor a rawn tawiawm a. Pu Jervis Nghaka Chhakchhuak, Proprietor, Jay Jay TPS hnen atangin Jay Jay TPS hmachhawp leh training dang an kalpui tum chungchang te report ngaihthlak a ni bawk.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, PRO to Governor