MTP General Hqtrs Leaders meet Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati

    Publish Date: August 10, 2023
    MTP General Hqtrs

    Aizawl, the 10th August 2023: Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) General Headquarters, Siaha leaders today called on Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati at the Raj Bhavan. MTP leaders discussed with the Governor some of the activities in Mara Autonomous District and the need for their implementations.

    As reported by the MTP leaders, very few candidates from the youths of MADC found success in Army Recruitment for quite a long time. They expressed their disappointment in not getting the acquired pre-skill that might be available to other candidates. In this regard, they appealed to the Governor to intervene and help them since they belong to a minority and slightly disadvantaged area of the state. They also briefed the Governor about the status of the construction of the General Nursing & Midwifery School, Siaha. They informed the Governor that the construction work has been discontinued for quite a long period. In this connection, requested the Governor to look into the matter to ensure that this important institution is completed this year and that it will soon become functional as a Nursing School.

    The MTP was represented by Pu Pakhaw Choza, President and Pu N. Solomon Beihlotha, Asst. General Secretary (MTP Gen.HQ, Siaha).


    MTP General Hqtrs Hruaituten Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati hmu (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 10th August 2023: Vawiin khan Mara Thyutlia Py(MTP) General Headquarters, Siaha hruaitute chuan Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati chu Raj Bhavan-ah an hmu a. MTP hruaitute chuan Governor chu Mara Autonomous District chhunga hmalakna thenkhat leh bawhzui ngai nia an hriat te an sawipui a ni.

    MTP hruaitute hian hun rei tawh tak chhung chu MADC area chhunga thalaite zingah Sipai a tling an tlem chu veiawm an tih thu an sawi a. Tunhnaiah Army Recruitment a rawn awm thin a, hengah te hian Siaha District thalai te an tlin ve theih na tura kawng zawn sak Turin an ngen a ni.

    General Nursing & Mid-wifery School, Siaha sak hna thawh mek chu hun rei tawh tak atang khan ngaihven a ni lo tih an sawi tel a. He institution pawimawh tak hi kuminah sak puitlin a nih ngei theih na tur leh Nursing School Anih anga kalpui a nih theih nan HMA laksak turin an ngen bawk a ni.

    MTP aiawh hian Pu Pakhaw Choza, President leh Pu N. Solomon Beihlotha, Asst. General Secretary (MTP Gen.HQ,Siaha) ten Governor hi an hmu a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, PRO to Governor