YEJM approaches Governor on the issue of holding facilities for smuggled exotic animals

    Publish Date: October 28, 2022

    Aizawl, the 28th October 2022: The representatives from the Youth for Environment Justice Mizoram(YEJM) met Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati at the Raj Bhavan today.The YEJM

    representatives briefed the Governor that many exotic animals are being smuggled through Mizoram for South East Asian countries for sale in destinations outside Mizoram. As per their report, these animals are often retrieved from smugglers by various law enforcement agencies.

    However, they expressed their concern for the well-being of the retrieved animals that are being kept temporarily at makeshift rescue centers set up at the zoo and other enclosures. They alleged that the retrieved exotic animals are being poorly looked after and poorly fed. For a temporary solution, the YEJM proposed the constructions of holding facilities for retrieved exotic animals at Aizawl city and Champhai town.

    The YEJM representatives also expressed their concern over the possibility of infecting the domestic animals and the state wildlife population by these exotic animals with the diseases they can potentially carry. In this connection, the YEJM requested the Governor to intervene and take up the matter with the concerned departments.

    Governor shared his appreciation that the youth of Mizoram are now showing their concern for activities that are directly or indirectly affecting the environment of Mizoram. He urged the YEJM as a movement to keep up the good work in connection with the protection of the environment in Mizoram. He advised the YEJM and other associations with these objectives to take up the issue of plastic waste thrown into the rivers as one of their top priorities.

    The YEJM was represented by Pi Vanramchhuangi, Convener, Pu Lalrinfela, Spokesperson, and Pi Malsawmkimi.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director

    YEJM in Governor hmundang ramsa rawn tawlhruk hren mek te enkawlna chungchang sawipui (Mizo)

    Aizawl, the 28th October 2022: Tlawmngai pawl pakhat, Youth for Environment Justice Mizoram(YEJM) aiawh te chuan vawiin khan Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati an kawm a. He hunah hian YEJM hruaitute leh Governor chuan Smuggler ten ramdang atanga ramsa an rawn tawlhruk te dan leh thupek kengkawhtu ten an lo man thu leh heng ramsate lo enkawl lailawkna kalpui dan leh a rang lama enfiah a pawimawhna te an sawiho a ni.

    YEJM hruaitute chuan Governor Hari Babu Kambhampati hnenah ram pawnlam chauh a awm, ramsa thenkhat (exotic animals) te tunlai hian Mizoramah dan leh thupek kengkawhtuten man an nei tam tawh hle tih an sawi a. Heng pawnlam ramsate hi an rin dan chuan South East Asia ram thenkhat atangin ramri kana Mizoramah rawn luhpuia hmundangah te la zawrh/hralh tur niah an ngai tih an sawi a ni.

    YEJM chuan rampawn lam ramsate hi dan leh thupek kengkawhtuten an lo man chu tha a nih thu sawiin an ramsa man te lo enkawl lailawkna erawh duhthu a sam lo takzet tih an sawi a. Pawnlam ramsa hren lailawk te hi bawm te tak teah te, sahuanah leh a rem chang changah duhdah takin khung an ni a. Chaw tha leh an mamawh ang chite pek a ni lo te chu tha an tih loh thu te an sawi a. Heng pawnlam ramsa mankhawm te hian hrileng lo keng lut thei an nih thu te leh Mizoram chhunga ranvulh te leh ramsate tan hri thalo an rawn pu lut thei a. Tuna enkawlna pek an nih dan hi a him lova, Aizawlah leh Champhaiah heng ramsa mankhawmte lo enkawl lailawkna(holding facility) hi siam thuai a ngai an ti a ni.

    Hemi chungchangah hian YEJM chuan Governor chu hemi kaihhnawih Department hotute sawipui turin an ngen a. Environment tih chereu na lam hawia hmalakna thenkhat leh Governor inrawlhna tura an ngaih lai te pawh an sawipui bawk.

    Governor chuan Mizoram thalaite zingah kan chhehvel leilung leh boruak min tuamtu chhe mek zel vei a, a siamthat hna thawk tura rawn pen chhuak an awm belh mek chu thil lawmawm tak a ni a ti a. Enrvironment chhe mek hi khawvelin a mangan pui mek a ni a; Mizoramah pawh changkanna leh hmasawnna in a ken tel thil thenkhat avanga kan environment chhe mek te siam that ngai a awm nual a ni a ti. YEJM member te leh environment humhalh kawnga tui thalai rual te chu vawikhat chauh hman theih sarang hmang lo tura mipui zirtirna pe a tan la zel turin a chah a. A hmatawnga hmalakna atan luikawr leh lui dunga sarang lam paih tih tawp a nih theih nan chak taka hmalak a pawimawh tih a sawi bawk.

    He inkawmnaah hian Pi Vanramchhuangi, Convener, Pu Lalrinfela, Spokesperson, leh Pi Malsawmkimi te chuan YEJM ai awhin an pawl hmalakna te Governor hi hrilhin thawhpuiah an sawm a ni.


    Written by: Malsawmsanga, MIS, Deputy Director